"If all else fails, there's always print or web zines.” Rudy Rucker

Let’s hope we have not failed totally so far - but the idea of creating a small and independent e-mag and sharing it with you makes us happy and we look forward to interesting issues that will be both inspired and inspiring.

Carolyne stands for women everywhere around the world who try each day to create a good and healthy life for themselves and their loved ones. She represents women who work, cook and laugh, who love nature and life and all things beautiful. The name also stands for all the wonderful women we have known, loved and lost like the timeless and beautiful Carolyn Bessette Kennedy who inspired us with her effortless style, integrity and humility.



As for Coco, she stands for more than one sweet female dog – she represents the pets we adore and care for, the ones that always find a way of sneaking into our beds at night and that put a smile on our face each time we look at them.


"Fashion fades, only style remains the same." Coco Chanel

The author fell in love with beautiful things at a very early age. This may have been a result of having a beautiful mother whose interest in interior decoration and ability to painstakingly create a beautiful home made it easy to be inspired. It may have been a result of having an extremely creative and talented grandmother who, in her teens, worked as a model and later created and sewed the most beautiful clothes for her granddaughter.

Swiss-born Carolyne was a free spirit from early on and ran off to London in her late teens – there she fell in love with the city, the people, the British sense of humour, and the beautiful country in general. This was also when she became a dedicated Anglophile.

Her wonderful husband and lovely children have been her priority ever since they arrived in her life. Holding down a demanding and responsible job and caring for her family, as well as creating a life together full of beauty, has been challenging at times, but always worthwhile.
In the end a good female friend – their close friendship dates back to childhood – felt Carolyne should share her knowledge and interests with people. This marked the happy beginning of this electronic lifestyle magazine.