Happy New YOU!

Happy New YOU!


There are so many different people on earth and just as many and different ideas and variations about how life should be lived. But in essence, they’re all the same. Everyone is eager to introduce his or her true nature and talents into this life. Since these ideas and concepts are so unique, there are countless correct variations on how to live life. We all strive to make our lives meaningful. However, there are a variety of circumstances and reasons that make us forget this core message. The further we remove ourselves from our own beliefs, the more we lose ourselves in our daily existence. In many cases we do not even realize that we have distanced ourselves from our own ideas on how WE would like to organize our own lives.

This is a common occurrence even in early childhood, when we are forced into ideas and thoughts which are considered to be generally correct by our educators. The ideas and thoughts of our educators and families may very well be perfectly valid for those who want to obtrude us, but not for us. It often requires considerable effort and work on our part if we do not part quickly enough with this pattern.

There are several signs that indicate that we have removed ourselves from our actual life plan. Obvious signs of this are dissatisfaction and frustration, repetitive and poor life experience, both on professional and private level, as well as the feeling of failure. Less obvious, but equally important signs are inexplicable and recurring feelings of discomfort, chronic pain or migraines, as well as the feeling that something isn’t really “functioning” in one’s life. If our old patterns and/or need for harmony have a strong presence, it will be very difficult for us to realize that we have distanced ourselves from ourselves. There are exceptions, but the general rule is that humans have a tendency of not bringing about change voluntarily. In many cases, we consider that something that is well-known is automatically simpler and we often tend to go down on “the path of least resistance”. This seems to be much easier than to actively improve ourselves, thus taking our own destinies and well-being into our own hands.

The idea of change and of “changing ourselves” often appears so exhausting and overwhelming that we discard it after just thinking of it. Each journey begins, whether it’s a short trip or a trip around the world, with the first, small step that we take outside our front door. Everybody can take a few small steps and even the smallest of steps can change our lives in a positive manner, thus bringing ourselves a little bit closer to ourselves.

A first small step is to think about an activity that makes us feel comfortable, happy and which offers the best solution for relaxation. It can be a walk in the woods or just being outside and enjoying the fresh air or just peacefully sitting and reading a book on the sofa. For some it is dancing the tango, for others painting in the open air. Some feel most comfortable swimming in the water, while others sitting in their favorite yoga position. Some find their inner peace playing the drums, while others during meditation. What we all have in common is that we feel free and open towards our favorite activity. This is the proper time during which we can just let our minds run free, thinking about what we like to have in our lives and what are the things that just “stink”.

There are people who have gotten so far away from themselves that they do not even know which are the activities that make them feel truly comfortable. Just start with a walk in nature, and then continue with swimming, reading, painting and dancing through the list above! You will figure it out soon.

Think about something that you would do once a week, something that really makes you feel good. Then try to integrate this activity more and more into your life. There shouldn’t be any plausible excuse for not being able to do something for yourself once a week! You will start to feel balanced and happy. The difficult part will be to maintain your well-being and to integrate it into your everyday life. Can you do this? Where and when is it that you fail? How do you quickly bring it back again or what keeps you from doing so?

These thoughts and questions form the basis of a harmonious and happy life, because if we recognize what prevents us from our happiness, we can say farewell to and get rid of these obstacles, replacing them with the naturalness that we may enjoy a balanced and happy life according to our own personal preferences.



“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” Bruce Lee

We are all unique and blessed with different talents. We believe we should cherish this and celebrate ourselves – not with the aim of being perfect but of being perfectly happy with ourselves.


If you travel from Ilanz to Vals, you first need to cross the impressive valley which will miraculously open at its gorge, bringing into light the village of Vals. The Walser, arriving from the Upper Valais, settled down in this remote valley 700 years ago, creating this linguistic island in the middle of the Romansh Val Lumnezia. Even now, the village of Vals counts only 100 inhabitants more than in 1850, relying mostly on tourism and agriculture. But Vals has already been known for more than 3500 years for its thermal springs, which we would like to present to you.

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"my Kefi"

We have regained our „kefi” in Greece, without realizing beforehand that we had lost it…

Our trip to Greece was not only a journey into the lost world of Socrates and Plato, but it was also about today’s beauty of the islands, towns and villages and their sympathetic inhabitants. Their understanding of the lightness of being and of the unlimited love of life has shown us that without “kefi” life is monotonous and dull. But what is “kefi” and where to find it?  If you ask a Greek to define “kefi” (κεφι), he will describe it as being joy, spirit, passion, spirituality, happiness, triumph, excitement,good mood, fun and joy, which describe the love of life. In short, a wonderful and desirable feeling! But where will one find his or her “kefi”? Everywhere – but it will probably be easier under the bright sun of Greece, in the crystal clear water of a stunning bay… ;)

The consistent attitude of the Greeks to enjoy life on a daily basis, no matter what the day brings, is a bold, admirable and rather contagious attitude. No matter what obstacle may come in one’s way and without knowing what the future will bring, one should simply make the most out of the “now”, which is a wonderful way to live, that, unfortunately, we have forgotten in our everyday lives. It all happened quickly, the time for spontaneous pleasures was lost between work, cooking and children, yet these are the moments that give us energy and vitality.

I have found my “kefi” in the realm of Poseidon – in the middle of the sea as a dolphin swam beside me. This feeling of happiness was indescribable and the beautiful tranquility that emanated from this magnificent fish left me radiating. With just one thought of this dolphin, the happiness and satisfaction of that moment immediately returns to me. But how does one integrate this overwhelming feeling into everyday life? Well, there are several possibilities. One of these is to stop each day for a few minutes to do or to think about something joyful. Or one can set the daily alarm of his or her smartphone, at a distance of a few hours, as a reminder to take a moment’s pause in order to take a look at what is to be seen in his or her surroundings, regardless of whether one is at work, at the mall or on a walk with the dog. One must consciously perceive the surroundings, retaining something positive in the process. If someone is currently in a tough negotiation, he or she will need more creativity to recognize the beauty of the moment than if he or she were on a forest walk. Nevertheless, one learns to see something positive in every situation.

I have asked the American best-selling author, Sonia Choquette, and she has described the searching, finding and reception of her “kefi” in a very unique manner in her wonderful book entitled The Power of Your Spirit – A Guide to Joyful Living. Liza Minelli once said that if she could not properly express a feeling, she had to sense it in a song and had to return to the Greeks. Plato taught that the world around us is not the real reality but only the manifestation of the ideas that have previously emerged as ideas in the real reality of our heads.  This therefore means that we have to simply recognize the idea of our “kefi” in our thoughts in order to integrate it into our lives…


…or to plan a wonderful trip to Greece, because there you will find it for sure! With this in mind, I wish you all a wonderful time and much joy in life!




„I love America, and I love American Women. But there is one thing that deeply shocks me – American closets. I cannot believe one can dress well when you have so much!” Andrée Putman

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