“Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts.” Janice Maeditere

It’s time to gather family and friends together and simply enjoy each other’s company.


A tradition that all children really love is the Advent calendar.  Starting with December 1st, one little door be opened every day, so as to make their waiting for X-mas sweeter. Filling the calendar with sweets is not a must, although honestly speaking from my experience this is what kids like best. However, I have also written short rhymes which I then packed in together with a small gift matching the respective topic.

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I would like to present you with this wonderful map of Switzerland, drawn by the American born artist,Stephannie Souffewho had a punk rock spirit from the very beginning and ran away to New York at a young age. A graduate of Parsons New School for Design, she fell in love with the city and began painting portraits of buildings and illustrating urban landscapes. Inspired by her passion for globetrotting and cartography, she founded her illustration house in 1990, Couture Maps for the advertising, fashion, stationery and wedding industries.

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I fell in love many years ago with this exciting, vibrant, quintessentially British, traditional but also incorrect city, of which I will never get tired off!

LONDON at Christmas! I remember many English Christmases as if it were yesterday, from the time when I was still living there: “All the shop windows are nicely decorated and the choirs are singing their Christmas carols on the streets. The air is cold and you warm yourself up with tea and scones in an elegant cafe or pub around the corner. Even if one passes by a McDonalds, lovely Christmas music echoes from behind the doors, which smoothly let you, forget the somewhat strong smell of fried food. The British girls scurry with their bare, pale legs – reddened by the cold – to a “Christmas party” or maybe to a pre-Christmas drink with friends.

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The so-called Claus customs concentrate on the eve of Nicholas Day on the 6th of December, but in the Glarus region these start at the end of November, while in the Appenzell hinterland these end at the beginning of January. The Day of St. Nicholas, also known as “Santa Claus Day” is, above all, a feast for children.

We celebrate Santa Claus in the memory of the Holy Bishop St. Nicholas, his generous work and his special love for the poor and disadvantaged children in the first half of the 4th century as the bishop of Myra.

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