“A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust.” Gertrude Jekyll


Whether you have small balcony or a large, carefully tended garden, we would love to inspire you with our ideas and share our little projects with you. However, our main aim is to pass on the love we feel for gardens and gardening.


Our garden blooms as wonderful as never before and I am sure that it doesn’t only have to do with the extremely mild winter, but with my very first garden compost as well!

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I’m sitting out here with Coco on my lap, cuddly nested and lovingly covered with warm blankets. We are enjoying the sun and are joyfully looking at this simple Alpine garden. Why in God’s name, you might ask, is someone sitting outdoors in the mountains during January instead of curing her pyelitis? That is easy to explain. Here, the temperature is often around an unusual 15° C, while on the other side of the Atlantic the people in America are suffering from the unusual cold and frost – what a crazy world!

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Every spring I rejoice in the many hyacinths, tulips and other bulb flowers which I have painstakingly dibbled in October after countless hours spent kneeling. The sight of these diverse and wonderful colors, which gladden my heart after a long and often cold winter, compensate me a hundredfold for the aching knees and the unpleasant curling of the back, which I cure in a hot tub after I have finished planting.

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